GT-CLUB г. Иркутск: Not the best way to handle overbooking?

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GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Цена: 350000 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Bridgestone H/t 689 205/80/16
Цена: 12000 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Kit МКПП R154 JZX90-100
Цена: 70000 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Сканер Launchx431 Diagun Full.
Цена: 41000 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Продаю Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte
Цена: 20000 рублей

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Not the best way to handle overbooking?

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The airline is facing mounting outrage after video emerged of the man being forced to give up his seat by three cops who slammed his head against an arm rest - then dragged him off the flight by the arms as he bled from the mouth. Airline Chief Executive Oscar Munoz released a statement after the airline earlier stood by its staff in the incident at Chicago O'Hare on Sunday night. He said: 'This is an upsetting event to all of us here at United. I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.

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