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GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
продам O.Z Prodrive 17" 5х100, +52
Цена: 15500 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Турбина T04E!!
Цена: 16000 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
SUBARU интеркуллер STI
Цена: 10000 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Кондиционер для дома/офиса
Цена: 14000 рублей
GT Клуб Иркутск,Гонки,Драг,Дрифт
Литье TOMS R17 114.3x5 Разноширокое
Цена: 18500 рублей

Раздел помощи: Radio Panel

Current DJ
This is the DJ currently broadcasting on our radio.

Currently Playing
This is the song currently being played on the radio. Some DJ's may not have the ability to update the current song due to there streaming software and in such cases they will display the name of there radio show here or other information.

Current Genre
This is the type of genre of music being played for the current radio show. This does not mean it is the only genre that our radio plays. You may find that the genre will change during a show or that a mixed genre is displayed.

Current Listeners
This is how many people are currently listening to our radio and how many slots in total we have. Once all slots are filled no one else can tune in untill a slot becomes available.

Peak Listeners
This is the most listeners we have had tuned in at one time. This represents the most listeners at one time from any radio show, not just the current radio show that is playing.